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TropicoLawn 35
TropicoLawn 35

TropicoLawn 35



TropicoLawn™ 35 with a pile height of 3/4" and face weight 35 oz. yd2 is ideal for landscape, patio, deck, roof, playgrounds. The combination of Emerald Green and Olive Green colors with Brown thatching looks natural and realistic.


TropicoLawn™ 35 is ideal for commercial and residential applications. TropicoLawn™ 35 is designed to be fashionable and versatile, perfectly suited to be the star of any outdoor event and the finishing touch that completes your home meticulously designed yard. TropicoLawn™ 35 features a Diamond shaped fiber that allows the individual blades to stand taller and stronger under applied pressure and everyday wear and tear.


With the life expectancy of at least twenty years, TropicoLawn™ 35 design is one of the best among our performance series artificial grass products. TropicoLawn™ 35 designed leaves stand upright under more than usual amount of pressure, the quality that is the most desirable and the most difficult to accomplish. Soft to touch, the most reliable and durable, TropicoLawn™ 35 designed artificial grass is one of the most popular choices in commercial landscaping primarily due to its high wear and tear tolerance.

Applications: Children’s Play Area / Playground, Landscaping, Putting Green Fringe, Pet Area, Pool and Pond Area, Roof, Decks, Balconies, Sports Field, Traffic Medians, Light-Heavy Traffic, Residential or Commercial

Lead free, ADA accessible, safety rated, non-toxic, cost effective, environmentally friendly and low maintenance artificial grass.

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